Submissions Wanted!

As the next AATA conference approaches, I am inspired by the work I'm seeing from professionals as well as clients. Calling all art therapists--please contact me with submissions to be published in a future blog post regarding...drum roll justice!

Submit your poetry, visual arts, links to videos, etc., of your work that speaks to social justice issues globally, locally or even from a practitioner point of view.


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    1. Hi Simon, I thought I responded to this before but I guess not. Please send entries to

  2. Social justice work is SO important. I'm excited to see this group. Here's a social justice art project we created early last month ( Students and faculty responded to the being excluded from the conversation by creating art to "give voice" to their presence and hopes.

  3. Leticia, I'll be watching this shortly and creating a post around it. Could you please email me at and tell me the story of how this came to be, and any other info you might want included? Or create a blog entry and sent it to that address for review! :)


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