Featured Art Therapist: Christina E. Fontenelle

Liberation for all minoritized people!
We are celebrating National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month by featuring Art Therapists who work in the name of Social Justice and Liberation.

Meet featured Social Justice Art Therapist,
Christina E. Fontenelle!
Christina E. Fontenelle, MAAT, CCTP,
Art & Dance/Movement Therapy Intern
Chicago, IL

Christina E. Fontenelle is an Afro-Latina that works from an Expressive Arts Multi-Modal approach. She has professional dance experience, writes poetry, performs spoken word and has experience in drama/acting. She integrates all of her art interests within her Art & Dance/Movement Therapy practice.

Christina attained her Masters of Arts in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has been accepted into the 92Y Harkness Dance Center’s Alternate Route Dance/Movement Therapy program in New York. She is in the process of becoming a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist.

She uses the multi-modal approach to provide a safe, non-judgmental setting to facilitate personal growth and healing. This process fosters release, self-understanding, insight and awakens creativity and transpersonal states of consciousness.

Who do you work with / alongside / for?
A Long Walk Home, Inc - with young adolescents who have been impacted by sexual assault.

What does Social Justice mean to you?
Social justice to me is advocating for the rights and respect of all people regardless of race, gender, or social status.

How do you center social justice and liberation in your work?
Every piece of art I make is focused on social justice. My job as a painter, dancer, and performance artist is to bring light to an area that is being ignored or forgotten, whether it be personal in my own life, the lives of my clients, or connected with an overarching issue in society as a whole. As an artist, I take on the responsibility to use my gifts as a tool to start conversation through movement and to bring awareness to people.

Aligning Your Inner Self: Meditation Journal by Christina E. Fontenelle, available on Amazon.com

Artwork by Christina E. Fontenelle


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