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Neoliberalism in Art Therapy // Responses to #AATA2017

In November of 2017, the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) hosted its 48th annual conference. Following the AATA's decision to enthusiastically support Second Lady of the United States Karen Pence regarding her publicly declared commitment to raising awareness about art therapy, and in turn her Healing with HeART Initiative, art therapists across the United States and internationally voiced concern and resistance.

Below is one narrative of events that took place as art therapists strove to make their voices heard at the 2017 Conference of the American Art Therapy Association. This audio file records a conversation between Chicago-based art therapists / artists / educators Leah Gipson and Savneet Talwar, and Chicago-based curator / educator / artist Craig Harshaw regarding happenings at the 2017 conference, as well as ethics in cultural production more broadly (including in the field of art therapy), the mandate of love, and the praxis of neocolonialism in the profession of a…

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