Ai-Jen Poo's View of Aging in America

A coworker of mine, the venerable Dr. Barry Grosskpf, is an amazing man and an expert on trauma. A survivor of the Holocaust, he and his wife Wendy Lustbader spend a great deal of time when not at work writing books and giving talks about trauma, ptsd and interesting brainiac stuffs while generally being all around champions for change.

I was forwarded this amazing article written by the aforementioned Lustbader that I wanted to share with all of you. It was inspired by her reading of the book The Age of Dignity, by Ai-Jen Poo.

Our elders are our most precious resource for history. Social Justice work has taught us, if anything, that what is espoused in the lines of textbooks is more often than not a pale, shriveled reflection of truth. It aims to be truth, when in fact is often merely an agenda. Our elders are often left out of the modern Social Justice debate. They are living history. And it is shameful that they are sometimes forgotten.


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